Thank You

I’m writing this final message as a thank you.

To my fellow leadership candidates: it has been an honour to be in the arena with you.

To our 28 great MLAs: thank you for your patience and perseverance through a year of limbo, and thank you to Shirley Bond for her adept leadership and dedication to our party and our province.

To all the volunteers and donors from my campaign and every other campaign: thank you for giving generously of your time and money. Without you, our party is nothing but an idea.

To the party staff, executive, and LEOC who oversaw the leadership contest, and to every riding association executive and volunteer, thank you for your unsung work. You are the glue that holds our party together.

To every member of our party: thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect with you, to put forward new ideas, and to play a role in mapping the path forward to victory in the next election. I’ve learned a lot and my love of our party and our province has only grown.

To Kevin Falcon and his campaign team: congratulations!

We are all one team now.

I’ll say this one more time: the most important thing is that we keep our party unified, move forward together, and beat the NDP to form a new and better government for the people of British Columbia.

I’ll do everything I can to make that happen, and no matter who you voted for, I’m asking you to do the same.


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I’m writing this final message as a thank you.

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