Gavin Dew is a father of two and a seasoned entrepreneur, business leader, and community builder.

He’s not a career politician. But he has dealt with government at all levels across Canada, and he knows what it takes to get things done in a world of scarce resources, hard decisions, and constant change. And he has served our party with time and energy, including as a past candidate.

Gavin has worked in business and public policy for more than 15 years, with a keen interest in corporate social responsibility. His experience includes leadership and advocacy on housing, transportation, energy and resources, climate change, finance, gaming, advanced education, economic development, tech, and childcare.

Gavin has a proven track record of bringing people together to build consensus and trust on difficult issues. He has turned around struggling projects, negotiated complex agreements, and navigated some of the most challenging commercial and political environments in Canada, with billions of dollars invested and thousands of family-supporting jobs created. This is the experience and energy we need in our leader.


Early Beginnings in British Columbia

Born and raised in Vancouver, Gavin Dew spent his summers at the downtown engineering company where his father worked, filing and photocopying plans for resource and infrastructure projects that helped build BC. He spent his teenage years stocking shelves and mopping floors in Richmond, then went on to deliver pizza to help pay his way through university.

Business Leader

After graduating from UBC, building a consulting career, and then completing an MBA at Oxford, Gavin established an advisory practice building on his graduate research on corporate social responsibility. As a trusted advisor to senior decision-makers in large companies and organizations, he has been involved with navigating some of the most complex and challenging commercial and political environments in Canada, including nation building projects like the $12B Trans Mountain Expansion Project. In 2019, he took on a role as chief strategic advisor to Abbotsford Tech District, a multibillion-dollar hub for agricultural innovation and food security.

Eyes on our Future

Gavin has worked over the last 15 years to build up the next generation of business, political, and community leaders, He has developed mentorship and career programs and built an extensive network in the new industries growing our economy. In 2018, he launched a non-partisan organization dedicated to engaging and electing a new generation of political leaders, equipping him well to find, recruit, and prepare strong BC Liberal candidates for the next election. 

New Ideas, Safe Hands

In parallel to his own small businesses and his work with major companies, Gavin has served in volunteer board and committee roles with organizations such as the Business Council of British Columbia, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, the University of British Columbia, Resource Works, Community Futures, Adverse Drug Reaction Canada, and the Veterans Transition Network.

In his spare time you will find him enjoying BC’s fantastic wine and craft beer, or chasing his young children Abby and Evan around with his wife Erin.