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West Vancouver - Sea to Sky MLA believes Gavin Dew can lead the BC Liberals forward to victory

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 BC Liberal Leadership Candidate Gavin Dew Endorsed by Jordan Sturdy, MLA

VANCOUVER - January 31, 2022: As the BC Liberal leadership contest enters its final days, Gavin Dew’s underdog campaign is on an upswing with both a successful final debate performance praised by pundits and now the bellwether endorsement of Jordan Sturdy, MLA for West Vancouver - Sea to Sky, former cabinet minister and chair of the Climate Leadership Team and the Provincial Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy.

“Jordan Sturdy knows better than anyone how critical it is that we look to the future and reassert our leadership on environmental, social, as well as business issues in order to win back the middle ground,” said Dew. “I couldn’t be prouder to get the first-ever leadership endorsement from Jordan. He and I agree that winning urban and suburban ridings in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and on the Island is so important to keeping our party unified, moving forward together and winning the next election.”

“Gavin was there to help with my first provincial campaign back in 2013 and he was there for the recount when we almost lost this seat in 2020 because we lost the middle ground,” said Sturdy. “He’s been in the trenches for our party for years, but it’s his energy, commitment, and forward-looking approach that really compels me. We need new blood, new ideas, and new energy to carry our party through the next decade, and Gavin is the leader who best reflects the future of British Columbia as I see it.” 

Welcoming the next generation of voters into the BC Liberal Party is a key consideration for Sturdy. “Young people like my daughters want to be able to connect with our leader and see themselves and their priorities in our party - whether that’s economic recovery, affordability, childcare, mental health, or climate change.”

Emma Sturdy agrees: “Our generation is looking for a leader who is focused on the future, not the past. We need someone accessible who can understand us and connect with us and speak our language.”

Earlier in the campaign, Dew was endorsed by Matt Toner, a tech entrepreneur who is a former deputy leader of the BC Green Party. “It’s time for us to start working together,” said Toner. “Gavin has shown an openness to constructive, realistic discourse – and crucially –  understands that our shared economic prosperity can only come from applied innovation and a willingness to address climate change. These are essential attributes for anyone seeking to lead our province through the challenges of the next decade.”

“I’m asking people not to vote against something or someone,” said Dew “Vote for what we all want: let’s keep our party united, move forward together, and win.”

About Gavin:
Born and raised in British Columbia, Gavin Dew and his wife Erin Shum live in East Vancouver with their two young children. Gavin has extensive business experience in a range of industries including B.C.’s energy, health, and tech sectors. 

Demonstrating his long-term commitment to the Party, in 2016 Gavin put his name forward as the BC Liberal candidate in the Vancouver Mount Pleasant by-election, B.C.’s staunchest NDP riding.

Gavin Dew is the founder of the Forum for Millennial Leadership, a non-partisan organization that helps prepare the next generation of leaders to serve in politics. He is passionate about the energy and ideas young people can bring to government, along with the importance of mentorship and succession planning. 

Gavin has a BA from UBC and an MBA from Oxford, where he wrote his thesis on corporate social responsibility. He has served on the boards of the Business Council of BC, the Veterans Transition Network, and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. 

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West Vancouver - Sea to Sky MLA believes Gavin Dew can lead the BC Liberals forward to victory