Here we go again.

The NDP will stop at nothing to lock in their grip on power.

Three years ago, it was their rigged proportional representation referendum.

Now, John Horgan and his NDP are back to their old tricks: stacking the deck in their own favour while telling you it’s “reform.”  

Why are they doing it?

Because they know their time in government is limited, especially as public anger mounts at their bungled pandemic response.

The NDP know that the BC Liberals are the voice of the majority of British Columbians. So they want to take your representation away from you. Again.

John Horgan doesn’t care about all of BC. He only cares about “the ridings that matter” – the ones that get him into the Premier's office and his hands on your hard-earned tax dollars. And if he can do that without ever having to go north of Hope, that’s all the better in his books. 

But don’t take it from me, they said so.

On the day before the 2017 election on Global TV, I was there (literally). Check out this video at the 1:50 mark.

In the past, British Columbians have stood up to this kind of opportunistic gerrymandering. We have to do it again.

Because if we let them get away with it, and if we don’t rebuild our party for the future, BC will be an NDP province for another generation.

Are you with me?