We will win the 2024 election. Together.

We’re going to move forward together and win the 2024 election.

Family issues like childcare and autism support will be key ingredients.

Here are three things we absolutely must do to win:

  1. Bring the next generation of people and families into our voter coalition.

  2. Recruit an amazing cohort of strong new candidates and get them ready to win - keep reading to meet someone I’m excited about!

  3. Take the fight to the NDP everywhere, including issues and ridings they take for granted - especially given their effort to stack the deck with electoral boundary changes.

Since day one of my campaign, I’ve talked about how we need to put people and families back at the heart of how we think and talk about our party. British Columbians everywhere want to build a better life for their children and grandchildren, their parents and grandparents, and we need to demonstrate that our common sense way of thinking offers better solutions than the NDP.

I’ve led the conversation about childcare affordability and choice - a contrast to the NDP’s inflexible government-knows-best approach. My Family Pack of policies includes a monthly Family Child Care Benefit that gives parents more choice in how they use childcare funding, helping directly support grandparents or other designated family members who provide childcare. And in the first debate, I kickstarted the pushback against the NDP’s assault on private childcare operators - a big government, union-driven approach that deprives parents of choice and squeezes out thousands of private childcare operators, a sector that’s 95% women entrepreneurs. That has gone on to become a powerful issue in the Legislature and in the media, and I’ve recruited hundreds of childcare operators into our voter coalition.

I’ve also stood up for families in the autism community whose individual autism funding and choices are being eliminated by the NDP.

In the process, I connected with Elena Lawson and recruited her as a brand new BC Liberal member - the first time she’s ever joined a political party. She is a mother in the autism community and she’s an absolute powerhouse. She has helped to organize rallies at the Legislature, and she has been relentless in calling out Mitzi Dean, the NDP Minister for Child and Family Development.

Oh, and by the way, she has deep roots in Mitzi Dean’s riding of Esquimalt-Metchosin. That’s right, folks: we are going to stop surrendering the Island, we are going to take the fight to the NDP in their strongholds, we are going to rally an army of people and families who refuse to let the NDP push them around, and we are going to defeat the NDP and form a new and better government for the people of British Columbia.

And we’re going to get it done by working together, keeping our party unified, and focusing on the future.

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