Unity, Integrity, and Inclusion

At the end of this leadership race, our party must be unified behind a new leader. We need to move forward together, defeat the NDP, and form a new government for the people of British Columbia.

By now, you’ve probably seen the headlines: our party is getting the wrong kind of attention due to controversy over memberships.

Look, accusations of racism and fraud will not inspire people to vote for our party.

Nobody wins from fighting over the legitimacy of members every leadership cycle.

I want to solve this, once and for all, to make sure we can have unity, integrity, and inclusion.

As the leader of the BC Liberal Party, I will bring forward legislation to have Elections BC play a neutral role in administering future leadership voting processes for all political parties, including voter registration and verification. That should be a boring, technical process, but this is the third consecutive BC Liberal leadership race in which it has been a major source of tension.

Parties would still control the leadership rules, green light processes, and debates - the fundamentally political aspects.

I'm thankful for our hard-working party staff and the dedicated volunteers giving their time to provide oversight. Why unnecessarily put both under such incredible pressure in every leadership race, when Elections BC has resources and expertise to run free, fair, and inclusive elections?

We need to ensure that people can vote, that the results are above question, and that our party is unified as we move forward.

I've been part of leadership campaigns that have won and lost. I think that, done right, this is a balanced approach that would help satisfy the concerns of all involved, make sure people from all communities are genuinely included, and reduce the residual "scar tissue" that threatens to divide our party after leadership races.

Whether or not I win, I’m committed to moving it forward, just as I’m committed to doing the work of renewing our party. I hope my fellow leadership candidates agree with this approach.

Let's keep our party unified, move forward together, and win!

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