With a focus on leading the BC Liberal Party into the future, local entrepreneur and long-time BC Liberal member Gavin Dew is ready to renew and modernize the party, putting people and families at the forefront.

“We need a genuine renewal of energy and ideas, with a leader committed to doing the hard work to position our party and our province for the future,” said Gavin Dew, BC Liberal Leadership Candidate. “We need to focus on moving forward with a committed leader who will invite and inspire new, younger, and diverse voters into our party, while also recognizing those who got us here.”

Born and raised in Vancouver, Gavin understands the struggles of today’s families first-hand. He is focusing his campaign on supporting and empowering people and families to ensure future generations can stay in British Columbia and build a better life.

“For me, this is all about family -- It’s about making sure my daughter and son can stay and have the future and opportunities they want in B.C.,” added Dew. “it’s about believing that we can make BC better for all people and families across our province by working together with a focus on innovation, ideas, and solutions.”

“Gavin offers a fresh take on BC Liberal priorities for the future. His generational perspective and understanding of urban issues address two key areas for growth in our party, and he has many sound, sensible, and actionable ideas,” said former BC Liberal MLA Ralph Sultan. "As a 20-year veteran of the BC Legislature, now retired, I'm keeping an open mind about our party leadership and encouraging my former colleagues to do the same.

While emphasizing that BC Liberals should be proud of past leaders and accomplishments, Dew’s campaign will focus on moving forward - especially when it comes to the critical importance of the party being more open and inclusive to reflect the people we are here to serve. That means better respecting and reflecting the diverse backgrounds, cultures and beliefs of all British Columbians.

“The Premier’s tone-deaf remarks this week show the need for a leader who respects young people, understands the complex issues they are facing, and doesn’t play generational politics to score political points,” said Dew. “I’m committed to respectful, constructive dialogue and getting to yes in order to address critical issues like climate change, affordability, and rebuilding our economy with a focus on people, families, and the future.”

“It’s time for us to start working together,” said Matt Toner, former deputy leader of the BC Green Party and tech entrepreneur. “Gavin has shown an openness to constructive, realistic discourse and - crucially - understands that our shared economic prosperity can only come from applied innovation and a willingness to address climate change. These are essential attributes for anyone seeking to lead our province through the challenges of the next decade.”

“Gavin is the kind of leader who will support responsible resource development and foster mutual understanding between urban and rural communities,” said Margareta Dovgal, natural resource policy commentator and advocate for inclusive economic development. “His work on resource literacy and efforts to ensure local benefits from major projects, including for Indigenous communities, represent just the kind of thinking we need to make our resource sector strong, sustainable, and people-focused.”

“As a long-time BC Liberal member, I believe passionately in our party and the positive, proactive role we must play in ensuring a bright future for our province” added Dew. “I will work hard to reconnect our party with the grassroots and make sure those voices are listened to as we work to win back the middle ground.”

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