Final Debate

Did you catch the final leadership debate? Here are a few highlights. 

You can also watch the whole debate on the BC Liberal website or Facebook as you make your final decision. Please click here to let us know where I stand on your ranked ballot.


Here's What I Said

I'm committed. Period. 

The NDP is more interested in finding housing villains than housing solutions. We need to be the party of practical solutions. 

It's time for common sense on COVID

I've been doing the work of building up the next generation of our party, and I'll keep doing it as leader or in support of our leader. 

I've offered solutions to make sure our leadership contests are characterized by unity, integrity, and inclusion

We need a leader who knows our party, and who will do the work of building trust one conversation at a time.

I'm happy to compare my experience with other candidates - but my family is my secret weapon. 

The most import thing is that we move forward together to beat the NDP and form a new and better government. 


Our grassroots campaign started as an underdog, but our momentum is surging as we enter the final days of this race. We can win this leadership and then defeat the NDP, but we need your help to keep driving renewal and bringing my positive message of unity and renewal to party members all across the province.  If you can afford to donate $5, $50, or $500, please click here.

Social Updates

I’m writing this final message as a thank you.

You've registered to vote. You've decided how you're ranking the candidates. Now what? 

West Vancouver - Sea to Sky MLA believes Gavin Dew can lead the BC Liberals forward to victory