Jordan Sturdy, MLA

West Vancouver - Sea to Sky

We need new blood, new ideas, and new energy to carry our party into the next decade, and Gavin is the best leader who reflects the future of B.C. as I see it.

Dan Burgar

Co-Founder and CEO Frontier Collective | Born and Raised in Fernie BC

We're at the precipice of an innovation revolution, and BC could lead. Exponentially-growing frontier technology is the future jobs engine of Vancouver, and we need a seat at the table. We're looking for forward-thinking leaders like Gavin who have the vision to understand this and to help usher in this new wave of growth in economic opportunity, prosperity and high-paying jobs. We need to double down or else this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could pass us by for more welcoming environments.

Pall Beesla

Transit Driving Instructor | Community Advocate | Dad

When I ran for municipal office, Gavin supported me and helped me run a campaign that made my family proud - and now I'm proud to support him. Some politicians come to communities right before elections looking for support. Gavin comes looking to support us and build a real relationship - and to make sure we have a voice at the table in a government that's reflective of today's BC.

Dr. Danielle Woo

Dentist | Mom

Gavin is a leader who has listened and paid attention to the concerns and issues of people like me: business owners, professionals and parents. It’s our time to be heard and to have a seat at the table!


Katie O'Kell

Award Winning Naramata Winemaker 

Until I met Gavin, I always felt unwelcome in the world of politics. Gavin encourages fresh faces and new voices to all come to the table, which will help the BC Liberal party grow. As a winemaker and entrepreneur, he took the time to understand how red tape gets in the way of my industry.


Sandra Christian 

Founder, Creative Kids Learning Centres | Mom

It's been incredibly frustrating for small business owners like me to see government policies slowly squeezing out women entrepreneurs in the private childcare sector. Gavin listened to us, helped shine a spotlight on what's happening, and showed that we can help families with childcare affordability AND choice.

Ian Crosby

Founder, Bench Accounting | Dad

Gavin has been a friend for 15 years and he's the real deal. He is brilliant, he's a business owner, he’s a parent, and he's in touch with what British Columbians - and people in the tech sector - want to see from their government. If he wins, he will rebuild the BC Liberal Party from the ground up into an entity that can actually win elections, and actually deserves to.

Emma Sturdy

North Arm Farm

Our generation is looking for a leader who is focused on the future, not the past. We need someone accessible who can understand us and connect with us and speak our language.

Matt Toner

Partner, Shred Capital | Former Deputy Leader BC Green Party

Gavin has a constructive and collaborative approach, and he understands that our shared prosperity can only come from applied innovation, private sector capital investment, and a willingness to address climate change. Those are key ingredients for sustainable prosperity.


Donovan Tildesley

Insurance Broker | Advocate for the Blind | 5x Paralympic Medalist and Canadian Flagbearer

I've known Gavin for almost 25 years, and he has always had a keen intellect, a kind heart, and an instinct to include people. He is always ready to help others and tackle tough challenges, whether it's a small business issue or vaccine priority for blind people. We need a passionate doer like Gavin to lead the BC Liberal Party back into government.

James Basnett

CEO of Shape Leaders in metaverse and NFT technology

Having known him for 15 years, two things stand out to me about Gavin Dew. One: his ability to bring old ways and new ways together in harmony. Two: his ability to bring people together while using both politics and technology to amplify what is great about us.

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