Leadership Debate #3

Be proud to be a BC Liberal. You’re in good company. 

That was my opening message in the third leadership debate: 

Our next leader needs to be able to unify our party, move it forward, and go head to head with the next NDP leader:

We need to address issues like affordability with real solutions, not just political slogans:

At our best we are the party of strivers, and the grassroots is empowered:

I'm the only candidate talking about seniors - you can read more about my Seniors Pack here and about Elder Abuse here

My closing message was simple: If I’m not your first choice, I want to be the first to ask for your second vote. 

You can watch the whole debate here

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Social Updates

At the end of this leadership race, our party must be unified behind a new leader. We need to move forward together, defeat the NDP, and form a new government for the people of British Columbia.

Break the bottleneck and get more health care workers into the system - NOW!

It's a ranked ballot. Vote Dew, too!