Leadership Debate Highlights

"The day I become leader people will see our party differently."

They will know that we are done moping and we are done clinging to the past - and we are ready to move forward and win."

In the first BC Liberal leadership debate, Gavin highlighted his experience, commitment, and focus on the future. 

Here's Gavin's opening statement: 

Shannon Waters of Politics Today wrote that "Renewal was also a central point for Gavin Dew, who referenced his experience running political campaigns and building up the next generation of leaders for the past 15 years. The youngest candidate in the race warned that the party “can't move forward unless it leaves the past in the past where it belongs.”

In the Vancouver Sun, Vaughn Palmer quoted Gavin that "in choosing the next leader the Liberals should think Netflix instead of rummaging in the discard bin at Blockbuster.”

Dave Carrig wrote that Gavin said the BC Liberals need "a digitally literate modern leader focused on the future" and that the party must be on the side of the strivers: “We need to restore the dream of B.C. to work hard and get ahead...People are watching the dream slip through their fingers.”

Here are Gavin's thoughts on childcare affordability and choice

Housing Policy: 

Here is Gavin's closing statement:

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West Vancouver - Sea to Sky MLA believes Gavin Dew can lead the BC Liberals forward to victory