Believe in BC Family Pack: Let's Make BC Better for Families


As a father of two, Gavin Dew knows that we need to do more to help families.

We need common sense solutions that make BC better for families, address their day-to-day frustrations, and create opportunities for our children and grandchildren to thrive.

Let's start here: 

  1. Helping parents invest in their childrens’ future creates a foundation for social mobility and success, while building a skilled workforce that is prepared for the jobs of the future. Gavin will double the existing British Columbia Training and Education Savings Grant, a one-time RESP grant, from $1,200 to $2,400. Currently only a third of kids claim the grant: Gavin will launch an awareness campaign to increase the share of lower income families who participate. 
  2. Providing parents with childcare options can improve affordability and boost women’s labour force participation. Gavin will modernize permitting and oversight in order to create more safe, licensed childcare spaces for more kids. He’ll enable more childcare in workplaces and central business districts, and increase the availability of before-and-after school care for children by enabling more childcare in schools and community centres where it makes sense.
  3. Your children shouldn’t have to be cared for by a stranger to get financial support for childcare that works for your family. Gavin will give parents more choice in how they use childcare benefits, including by helping directly support grandparents or other designated family members who provide childcare through a monthly Family Childcare Benefit. 
  4. Children deserve to be safe while participating in outdoor activities, regardless of where they live in BC. Gavin will increase funding to regularly clean up the needles in our playgrounds and parks, to ensure that all kids can play safely in all communities. 
  5. Changing and nursing children safely and cleanly shouldn’t be so frustrating. Gavin will require baby changing tables in the bathrooms of government-run buildings, and offer a partial tax credit to encourage private businesses like restaurants, movie theaters, and shopping malls to install changing tables and nursing rooms where it makes sense.

These are the first of many more ideas to come in our Believe in BC Family Pack. Click here to sign up and stay informed as we release more common sense ideas.

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